Monday, May 22, 2006

Dreaming Bay Poetics 1

Listening to Cynthia Sailers read Norma Cole last night during the celebration of Bay Poetics I was thinking how one thing leads to the other and how the text is really the context for the scene and all that is left of it, though not all that is there in the reading.

There is a confluence of incident and comment. One is in the back while oneself is being read. Or one is at work while reading or writing. The gesture is only itself.

“statement is as statement does Resist repeating on paper, its yellow edge enriched by relief of the victim by the role of the suffering victim Suddenly her voice a phrase precise Hesitancies from sight to mind”

from “Suddenly Hesitancies Quietness," Norma Cole (in the anthology)

Also by Norma:


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