Thursday, July 06, 2006

like rapture
a collaboration b/t Laura & I

Although it looks like hiccupping
consolatory gesture
reverse embrace
felt more like breathing
With my Uzi and my gat

[wo]man, word and thought
Vows to empty
The poet also
speech broke on my lips

caught at the beginning of
A real can do situation
bewilderment lucidly
meets meat
looks like hiccupping
loss agent and patient discovering
Beat me in the face with a sharp stick

the rhythm of not
substituting conflationary
construction with what
demand It can be terrifying
and lead you to your death

“for world read earth”
for earth birth
Releasing actual sales numbers
born worn inside out
Flowers are bricks
or poetry for study unless
the attendant present
as in our language meter
readings Actual forgetting
Lit blue

and seeming not to endeavor
“alone and first in the mind”
To settle symbolic accounts
disclosing an order
Short-shifting the mirror
wrapped in its own
Incomplete W2

I am the Assayer of Weights and Measures
shuttling between both
figures in apartment windows
My member is being severed
pretend what “big” idea
In the liner of the coat
allows nothing left out

of the valleys and uplands
into accord with one another
Protruding in public again
like rapture
over the heart of the plate
or beings and to save them