Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wall Street Takes the Cake

by Norma Cole

Honey cake, cheese cake,
Nut cake, corn cake,
Marble cake, angel cake,
Chiffon cake, sponge cake,
Carrot cake, velvet cake,
Baba au rum.

Lady Baltimore cake, Lord Baltimore cake,
Royal cake, vanilla fudge cake,
Cheap cake, checkerboard cake,
Blitz torte, sand torte,
Coconut layer cake, devil’s food cake,
Pineapple upside-down.

Plain griddle cakes, sour milk griddle cakes,
Plain pancake, fancy pancake,
Creamed chicken pancake, crêpe Suzette,
Sour cream coffee cake, crab cake,
Cloud cake, quick date cake,
Fritters, kugel, hot cross buns.

Loaf cake, mud pie,
Cow patty, baked Alaska,
Seven hundred billion dollar layer cake
With added sweeteners,
And a
Double-barreled congressional shotgun wedding
Take the cake.

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