Monday, January 19, 2009


I thought it worked. Last night’s TAXT event. Nice to wander from poet to poet seeing and hearing them display their wares. Enjoyed hearing Jasper Berne’s work read by a robot. I forget the name of the program. And that shirt he was wearing was straight out of the seventies. Chris Girard had a wonderfully complicated explanation of the links in his piece displayed on his laptop that were incomprehensible to me in the general cacophony though I did get that Jane Austen and Lord of the Rings were involved. There was a big Powerpoint projection by John Sakkis to the right of me and was that some kind of feed from MySpace or something to the left of me? Anyway it was interesting as implicating various people, their situations and mental states on-goingly. By I think Geneva Chao. David Buuck’s poetic scratch & sniff & read thing. Did that a few times. Thank god I didn’t get the wet one. Then there was the poetry jukebox in the corner. I heard it was Lindsey Boldt in there with the flu? There was an ipod attached promisingly to some earphones but I never got back to them. Really liked Jerrold Shiroma’s book of images and the couch next to them where you could sit. As an added benefit, Norma Cole planted herself there to survey the doings (this was her third poetry event of the weekend) so you got to sit next to her. (See below.) So it was like a poetry fair or poet exploratorium or something. Move through space with poets and have experiences with their works, mostly not involving passively being read to, though occasionally, yes, being read to – by John Sakkis and Michael Nicoloff while I was there. When I left it was still raging on though the fizzy water had run out. Stefani Barber, Jasper Bernes, Lindsey Boldt, David Brazil, David Buuck, Geneva Chao, Del Ray Cross, Chris Girard, Michael Nicoloff, Eleni Stecopoulos, John Sakkis, Jerrold Shiroma were all said to have pieces in the event but I didn’t find or experience them all. There was much food for thought about events for those of us who constantly either have to put on, perform in or go to them. Practically everybody. I hope we continue to try stuff like this and that it actually raised some funds for TAXT. Brava to Suzanne!

PS Note from Suzanne about Geneva Chao's piece and other key info: Geneva was using Twitter to write into the status update bar on Facebook and we were watching the Live Feed function, as she sat alone in a bar in Portland, Oregon, all dressed up and performing for us from her laptop. John Sakkis gave a live reading-by-proxy of Eleni Stecopolous's work. The headphones was Stefani Barber's piece. Totally Lindsey in the booth.

Suzanne Stein and Kevin Killian

Chris Girad with his TAXT book anatomized

A. Kenower & A. Warren listen to J. Bernes

Norma Cole and Brandon Brown live the dream

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