Thursday, August 13, 2009


from Norma

Here is the deal-- I got this email, responded, and then last Wednesday, August 12th, went down to Senator Feinstein's office, at One Post Plaza SF, where many people were showing up to ask questions and to express support for the new health care option. I brought my letter with me to say why I support health insurance reform. Here it is.

Almost 7 years ago, I had a severe stroke. Had I not had a husband who has health coverage, I would not have had any health care. I am a writer, translator and lecturer. Because I am a part-timer, like many people, I do not have health coverage. I have taught at 2 or even 3 universities at a time and still don’t have health care. I am U.S. citizen who came here from Canada more than 30 years ago. Everyone in my family living in Canada speaks very highly of the Canadian health care system. I love my life in the United States but I do think it is a disgrace not to have universal health care. I support President Obama’s call for real health insurance reform 2009.

Norma Cole