Sunday, June 11, 2006


Not the question of who
Is legible to whom or who
Counts or the diagram
Of that sentence commuted
But what is (trans) sent
Are they real he asked
Real expensive she said
But it was an episode
Not the real poetry
The list of which gets
What does it get again?
Is there a transposition
When sound imitates music?
As Duncan wrote
He loved Levertov
In the letters
That make love
Evolve as a consequence
Of telling
What is human swells
What burns red What is
Sound remains strong
Or lists
As when the list
Addresses changes of
Who is read and what is known
That she was a witch
Or just another poet
Eligible for scorn
A sentiment transposed into
Resentment in the best sense
As resent means
Send again to see
Direction as reckoning
Grammar to glamour
Red to end spectrum to
Speculative poetics to a subset
Of text and hex
Violet to violent
“Even as we are most ‘sent’”
Letters to love (hers)
Unknown to renown finally
Revealed to (be) each other


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