Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Reading a recent article somewhere on craft it occurred to me that

there is no A Tonalist line.

Working in an environment in which you are (I am) surrounded by books is good because you don’t have to buy them to feel you are in relation to them. They hover in their infinite possibility. But sometimes you do buy them.

Books I have recently bought:

Incubation: A Space For Monsters by Bhanu Kapil. An SPD staff member missed his stop on the bus when he became engrossed in this book. It was my staff pick at the last Open House and I think on-line. (More about this.)

Wars. Threesomes. Drafts. & Mothers by Heriberto Yepez. Haven’t read it yet but it looks great.

“Now I am here. In the future of color.” Bhanu Kapil

There is no.

I have been blogging a lot at another location called Ultravioleta Documents. The docs are mostly written by the characters of Ultravioleta and are a sort of notebook toward the sequel. (UV itself is waiting for its second printing.) UV Docs includes letters, shopping lists, poems, news items and other detritus along with Ultravioletan visuals gleaned from anywhere. Also recently Alan Halsey has graciously supplied images with which the characters are now collaborating.

I am reading for the Belladonna series in New York on February 13 with Deborah Meadows who has a new book involutia.

“So risking confusion, we must.” Deborah Meadows

Laura Moriarty


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