Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Vanishing Cab #3, 1979

Christine Zawadisky
Ken Wainio
Jerry Ratch
Nanos Valaorits
Anne Nelson
Laura Moriarty
Marc Lecard
Jean-Pierre Duprey (translated by Marc Lecard)
art by Bruce Hutchinson

from "Sandy Koufax" by Jerry Estrin

"He grew up palpitating above a howl of moss, his fastballs were little creatures curtaining the scientific hungry nails -- how to be left handed like a kite and still simply downstairs?...

Yet, o song, a light had been expecting a hammer, it locked an ouce of pain in his picture window, increased the hydraulic seriousness of the doctor, and circled him with an autobiography already lashed to his wrist, like a basement. He had to throw in America.

And now 1978 pulls up in a dawn."

from "Ballad of the Blue Light Bar" by Laura Moriarty

"At sunrise she rose as always
In sleep she thought we lose our lives
And so refusing sleep
she wandered in her slip
drak gray rayon dawn
smoothed over thighs stung
as if from running or dancing
a long time.
It was hot when she went in
Hotter still as she reentered the bar."


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