Sunday, June 22, 2008


"Increasing excitement stimulated by wounds"

Or sick moon
Whose moth fear we bite
Moan and limp with ease
Our eyes kiss as we
Fame the dome
We cave

Our love is not cool
Or is cool
It is foam
As when April
Means seed
And soil reveals
Harp and cowl
To be eye alone
Or not I
But you

Not happy but in play
Not birth but day
Not said but soul sold
Out at last rights

Boot me an oath, Brutus
"A sudden death is best
When you are alseep ...
Sordid apocalypse"
Lamp me a 6 of doom
Hoop me a side

"In the iconic sound of the distance
You are no longer Brutus"

Jerry Estrin died in his sleep June 22, 1993. This poem is part of my Divination project and uses words given to me by Andrew Joron per my request. Actually, he gave them to me for my birthday. Jerry's lines in the piece are from the poem and book Rome, A Mobile Home.

And so here is a part of the poetry community from which no one will be excluded.

And here are more lines from Rome.

"He is a smart ass. Instantly, like the illusion, his illustration vanishes. An artful mass makes him snicker. A flicker tugs at the mug of Caesar. Disrobe the images."

Jerry Estrin
May 6, 1947 - June 22, 1993


Blogger Joseph said...

Laura, I'm curious about this project, about the thinking that goes into working with the given words. Maybe you've written about it elsewhere, and I missed it. Hope you'll post more as it unfolds. Joe D.

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