Monday, July 06, 2009

A Few Fashionable Thoughts

Just a few comments at the end of the fashion day.

For me, fashion is simply what people wear and I should admit that I have a very low threshold for thinking someone who has made the slightest effort looks great.

For example (this happened yesterday) I will look at a middle aged guy at the gym and think. Good blue on blue shorts and top, not too short, nothing showing that shouldn’t, hides the gut which is at a way acceptable level.

Another recent sighting: a young woman, teens or early twenties, was waiting in line at the grocery store to buy two bags of chips. Two bags. She was wearing very short cutoffs, torn stockings, off-yellow t-shirt, gray hoodie, some kind of sneaker-like shoe. It was sexy without being, you know, ‘I am going to Halloween as a crack whore.’ I do think you have to be under 21 to pull that one off.

I was glad that Lindsey Boldt posted her outfit today on Facebook because that woman can really wear clothes. Of course it helps to be 6’5” or whatever she is. But she always adds just that touch of scraggily knitted scarf or beanie (“hearts on sleeve”) or something else crazy that is completely compelling. Lindsey – please send photos!

A few more rules, well, suggestions:

The rule of not scaring people. This is important. i.e. No more than two scarves, no matter what.

Don’t overdo the matchy poo thing. (I have this so I know it's hard.) This especially applies to red. One red thing is enough. Okay, maybe a print red thing or a thin line of red somewhere, but that’s it.

Important to wear clashing purples – and easy.

One exception to the matchy thing -- people with gray hair should wear lots of gray. It emphasizes the whole old thing and any degree to which you are still in shape etc will seem amazing.

Pink and brown. Turquoise and brown.

And of course taupe chinos and yellow bow tie is so Brandon Brown. I mean you want to swoon just thinking about the appropriateness of the bow tie.

About the rolled jeans, I was thinking of the six to eight inch well crafted roll and I agree it is still good if you can get your jeans to do that.

Sports jackets. I am very fond of them.

Tomorrow: black and white. More response to Nada's excellent post Re: costumes etc. Also age-appropriate cut-off dates.


Blogger suzanne said...

this is the funniest post, laura. and i read it and went into a meeting and a beautiful woman in the gray hair range walked in perfectly dressed ALL IN GRAY. you nailed that one exactly. she looked amazing.

sports jackets on girls: yes. on men, not so much.

what is a sports jacket exactly and how is different from the suit jacket divested of its trousers?

the sartorialist today proved your no red-on-red theory WAY WRONG, however. on women, you're right. on men, red on red on pink on red.

4:36 PM  
Blogger suzanne said...

plus, check it out. purple:

5:26 PM  
Blogger Laura Moriarty said...

I should have added the important codicil that ALL red is always good if you can stand it. Also all red and pink.

Sorry to admit that I almost always like a sport jacket. It's the only aspect of the 80s I miss. mmm, the difference between sports jackets -- the material of suit jackets is more suit-like. Okay, out of my depth here.

11:09 AM  
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