Tuesday, July 24, 2007

"Rosie myriad viewer reflection"

This poem by Jackson Mac Low (kindly sent to me by Anne Tardos) was written at a reading I gave at the Ear Inn in May of 1989. Anne writes "I just came across this 'readings' poem Jackson made of your name--using your words--by spelling out your name diastically (L in the first place, A in the second, etc.)" I can almost remember the reading. If I am not mistaken, Jessica Grim was co-curating the series then (with Andy Levy?) Very likely I read with Jerry Estrin as we often read together when traveling. It wasn’t the first time I met Jackson but it might have been the first time I met Hannah Weiner who I remember being like a ghost in the audience – or was that another reading I did at the Ear? It was (is) always an enormous pleasure to read to an audience partly comprised of Legendary Figures. Was that the trip Jessica and I got liquored up on Pernod at Bruce Andrews’ or was that earlier – or later?


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