Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have given myself repetitive stress, wildly typing the past into the talk I am giving for the SPT Aggression panel. The talk was called "Outlaws, Lone Wolves and Made Poets: Bay Area Poetics from the Seventies to the Present" but might now be called "Re Vision." I have been also turning my house upside down looking for various items, including postcards and flyers for events. I found myself explaining yesterday to Brent and our volunteer Lina that we heard about events through postcards in the olden days and that part of running a series was making the postcards, buying the stamps, printing the lables, sending the postcard etc. Brent pointed out that people would have had to print their blogs back then and I agreed that that is how it was.

My talk does not focus that much on Jerry but for some reason the items that I am finding do. I think he is haunting this effort. This image is from the cover to the videotape of the group reading and memorial for Jerry Estrin that occurred at SPD when it was on San Pablo -- well before I worked there (here) on June 27th 1993. Jerry had organized the reading of his book Rome, A Mobile Home down to who would read what part but he suddenly died just before the event. Several people accidently showed up at SPT when it was on Guerrero and 24th instead of at SPD that day, which was very hot, so we waited for them. Readers included myself, Lyn Hejinian, Norma Cole, Ron Silliman, Barrett Watten, Carla Harryman, Leslie Scalapino, Norman Fischer and Jean Day, with an audiotape from Steve Benson.


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Hey Laura. How's it going? i think of you and Jerry quite bit. When I knew Jerry he wasn't anything like the person he turned out to be and I often wonder why he turned out the way he did.


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