Thursday, May 22, 2008

Poets in 1984 at a restaurant bar on Washington Square in San Francisco after a group reading at Intersection when it was on Union Street. I think you are seeing the back of Steve Benson, then Barrett Watten, Leslie Scalapino, Ted Pearson, Jim Hartz and then I am not sure until we get to Bev Dahlen.

Barry and I. Same night.

Ben Freidlander, Dan Davidson, Kevin Killian and Dodie Bellamy behind them, Stephen Rodefer's back, Kit Robinson facing forward. This was taken at Jerry's and my house on Nob Hill at the going away party for Jessica Grim in 1991.


I will be reading with Brenda Iijima and Tyrone Williams
Sunday May 25th, 3pm
Canessa Park
708 Montgomery
Ssn Francisco CA 94111


Blogger Gary said...

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6:57 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

Oops, typo, so I redid this:

Wow. I came here via a search on SPT Aggression, wanting to find the dates of the event. And then I saw this picture of everyone, and then, seeing Dan, it just about made me cry.

Nothing energized him more than being at parties like this, filled with other poets. He once told me after a party that, if a bomb had gone off, America would have lost its most vital poets. I think he was beyond thrilled to have been invited and included.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Laura Moriarty said...

Yes, it made me sad too. I knew Dan pretty well when he was at SF State. He used to hang out in the archives when I worked there and it was in the boiler room of the old humanities building.

8:02 PM  

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